(1) In order to create VAS embedded songs you will need a program with two key features: (1) Multitrack editing capabilities and (2) DirectX plugin support. If you do not have such a program, you can use the 30-day free trial of Adobe Audition.
Also, you will need the SpinAudio 3D-Panner lite plugin.

(2) Load the song you wish to translate into the first track and record your translations into the second track:

(3) Delete the first track and save a recording of just your translations

(4) Open your translations in the single-track mode and load the 3D Panner lite plugin (use "refresh effects list" if you have installed this but it does not appear):

(5) Adjust the position of the translations as you like them. Examples in this paper use settings of near field, .05M left and far field 4M right. (click preview to listen).

(6) Merge the translations recording with the original song in multi-track mode.