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From the Editors
News From LLT Click here for the PDF!
by Dorothy Chun, Irene Thompson, & Pamela DaGrossa
pp. 1-2

On the Net
ICT4LT - Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers Click here for the PDF!
by Jean W. LeLoup & Robert Ponterio
pp. 3-7

Emerging Technologies
Making the Web Dynamic: DOM and DAV Click here for the PDF!
by Bob Godwin-Jones
pp. 8-12

News from Sponsoring Organizations Click here for the PDF!
pp. 13-19

Edited by Rafael Salaberry

Conversation and Technology Click here for the PDF!
Ian Hutchby
Reviewed by
Jean E. Conacher
pp. 20-23

Connected Speech Click here for the PDF!
Protea Textware Pty Ltd
Reviewed by Joy Egbert
pp. 24-28

Business English: Meetings Click here for the PDF!
English Language Centre, University of Victoria
Reviewed by Pamela Couch
pp. 29-33

Volume 8, Number 1
January 2004
Click here for the PDF!

Feature Articles

Generalization of Computer Assisted Prosody Training: Quantitative and Qualitative Findings Click here for the PDF!
Debra M. Hardison
Michigan State University
pp. 34-52

Composition Medium Comparability in a Direct Writing Assessment of Non-Native English Speakers Click here for the PDF!
Edward W. Wolfe and Jonathan R. Manalo
Michigan State University
pp. 53-65

Towards an Effective Use of Audio Conferencing in Distance Language Courses Click here for the PDF!
Regine Hampel and Mirjam Hauck
The Open University, United Kingdom
pp. 66-82

Learners' Perspectives on Networked Collaborative Interaction With Native Speakers of Spanish in the US Click here for the PDF!
Lina Lee
University of New Hampshire
pp. 83-100

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Acknowledgment of LLT Reviewers, Volume 7
p. 101

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