Language Learning & Technology
Vol. 6, No. 3, September 2002, p. 1
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Welcome to this special issue on Technology and Teacher Education. We thank Seppo Tella and Yong Zhao who, under the tireless and talented guidance of Associate Editor Irene Thompson, served as Guest Editors. The entire issue, including our regular columns and book and software reviews, relates to the special topic. We think it makes a nice "package" for our readers.

Special issues draw attention to especially important and timely topics. Future LLT special issues include Telecollaboration (May 2003), Distance Learning (September 2003), and Global Englishes (May 2004). January 2003 and January 2004 will be regular issues, filled with a variety of articles we trust you will find interesting and useful.

With this issue, we have added access to the mastheads of archived issues. While the dynamic nature of Web materials allows us to keep information current, we want to give credit to those who have contributed to the journal as editorial board members, editors, and designers in past years.

We would also like to thank Jennifer Leeman for her exceptional work as the Book and Software Review Editor for the past three years. She is not really leaving, however, as she has graciously agreed to join our Editorial Board. We are pleased to announce that Rafael Salaberry has taken the reins from Jennifer as our new Book and Software Review Editor and we welcome him to the LLT Editorial Staff.


Mark Warschauer & Dorothy Chun

Pamela DaGrossa
Managing Editor

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