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From the Editors
News From LLT
by Mark Warschauer, Dorothy Chun, & Pamela DaGrossa
pp. 1

From the Special Issue Editors
Introducing This Issue
by Yong Zhao and Seppo Tella
pp. 2-5

On the Net
Foreign Language Teacher Resources
by Jean W. LeLoup & Robert Ponterio
pp. 6-9

Emerging Technologies
Technology for Prospective Language Teachers
by Bob Godwin-Jones
pp. 10-14

News from Sponsoring Organizations
pp. 15-20

Edited by Jennifer Leeman

E-Moderating -- The Key to Teaching and Learning Online
Gilly Salmon
Reviewed by N. A. J. Moore
pp. 21-24

Culture, Difference, and Power, Interactive Video CD
Christine E. Sleeter
Reviewed by Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas

pp. 25-31

Teachers Understanding Teaching: A Multimedia Hypertext Tool
Karen Johnson & Glenn Johnson
Reviewed by Suzanne Scott

pp. 32-36

The Mouton Interactive Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology (Jürgen Handke) & Phonetics: An Interactive Introduction (Nicholas Reid with Helen Fraser)
Reviewed by D. Eric Holt
pp. 37-45


Volume 6, Number 3
September 2002

Special Issue
Technology and Teacher Education

Feature Articles

Expert and Novice Teachers Talking Technology: Precepts, Concepts, and Misconcepts
Carla Meskill, Jonathan Mossop, Stephen DiAngelo, & Rosalie K. Pasquale
University at Albany, State University of New York
pp. 46-57

Realizing Constructivist Objectives Through Collaborative Technologies: Threaded Discussions
Donald Weasenforth
The George Washington University
Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas
American University
Christine Meloni
The George Washington University
pp. 58-86

The Integration of Internet-Based Reading Materials into the Foreign Language Curriculum: From Teacher- to Student-Centered Approaches
Klaus Brandl
University of Washington
pp. 87-107

The Impact of CALL Instruction on Classroom Computer Use: A Foundation for Rethinking Technology in Teacher Education
Joy Egbert
Washington State University
Trena M. Paulus
Indiana University
Yoko Nakamichi
Indiana University
pp. 108-126

Preservice English Teachers Acquiring Literacy Practices Through Technology Tools
Aaron Doering & Richard Beach
University of Minnesota
pp. 127-146

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