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From the Editors
Welcome to LLT
by Mark Warschauer, Dorothy Chun,
& Pamela DaGrossa
pp. 1-2

On the Net
MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
by Jean W. LeLoup & Robert Ponterio
pp. 3-5

Emerging Technologies
Wireless Networks
by Bob Godwin-Jones
pp. 6-10

News from Sponsoring Organizations
pp. 11-16

Edited by Jennifer Leeman

Computer Applications in Second Language Acquisition
Carol A. Chapelle
Reviewed by Stephen A. Bird
pp. 17-20

Essential Academic Skills in English: Listening to Lectures CD-ROM (Volume I)
Reviewed by Meena Singhal
pp. 21-26

Advanced French: Interactive Video Language Learning with "Au coeur de la loi"
EuroTalk Ltd.
Reviewed by Susan Carpenter Binkley
pp. 27-32

Tesoros: A Multimedia-Based Spanish Course on CD-ROM
McGraw-Hill Companies
Reviewed by Joseph Collentine
pp. 33-39

Volume 6, Number 1
January 2002

Feature Articles

Video Recording in Ethnographic SLA Research: Some Issues of Validity in Data Collection
Margaret A. DuFon
California State University-Chico

pp. 40-59

Social Dimensions of Telecollaborative Foreign Language Study
Julie A. Belz
The Pennsylvania State University

pp. 60-81

Categorization of Text Chat Communication Between Learners and Native Speakers of Japanese
Etsuko Toyoda and Richard Harrison
pp. 82-99

Effects of Students' Participation in Authoring of Multimedia Materials on Student Acquisition of Vocabulary
Ofelia R. Nikolova
Southern Illinois University At Carbondale
pp. 100-122

Visible Or Invisible Links: Does the Highlighting of Hyperlinks Affect Incidental Vocabulary Learning, Text Comprehension, and the Reading Process?
Isabelle De Ridder
University Of Antwerp

pp. 123-146

Providing Controlled Exposure to Target Vocabulary Through the Screening and Arranging of Texts
Sina Ghadirian
Mcgill University, Montreal


Student Perceptions on Language Learning in a Technological Environment: Implications for the New Millennium
Jonita Stepp-Greany
Florida State University

pp. 165-180

Acknowledgement of LLT Reviewers, Volume 5
p. 181

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