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From the Editors
Welcome to LLT
by Mark Warschauer, Dorothy Chun, 
& Pamela DaGrossa
p. 1

From the Special Issue Editors
Introducing This Issue
by Christopher Tribble & Michael Barlow
pp. 2-3

On the Net
Finding Song Lyrics Online
by Jean W. LeLoup & Robert Ponterio
pp. 4-6

Emerging Technologies
Tools and Trends in Corpora Use for Teaching and Learning
by Bob Godwin-Jones
pp. 7-12

News from Sponsoring Organizations
pp. 13-18

Edited by Jennifer Leeman

Multilingual Corpora in Teaching and Research
Simon P. Botley, Anthony M. McEnery, & Andrew Wilson (Eds.)
Reviewed by John M. Lawler
pp. 19-23

Patterns and Meanings: Using Corpora for English Language Research and Teaching
Alan Partington
Reviewed by József Horváth
pp. 24-27

Exploring Academic English: A Workbook for Student Essay Writing
Jennifer Thurstun & Christopher Candlin
Reviewed by Paul Thompson
pp. 28-31

MonoConc Pro and WordSmith Tools
Reviewed by Randi Reppen
pp. 32-36

Volume 5, Number 3
September 2001 

Special Issue
Using Corpora in Language Teaching and Learning

Feature Articles

Genres, Registers, Text Types, Domain, and Styles: Clarifying the Concepts and Navigating a Path Through the BNC Jungle
David YW Lee
Lancaster University, UK
pp. 37-72

Text Categories and Corpus Users: A Response to David Lee (Commentary)
Guy Aston
University of Bologna, Italy 
pp. 73-76

An Evaluation of Intermediate Students' Approaches to Corpus Investigation

Claire Kennedy & Tiziana Miceli
Griffith University, Brisbane 
pp. 77-90

Looking at Citations: Using Corpora in English for Academic Purposes
Paul Thompson
Reading University 
Chris Tribble
King's College London University & Reading University 
pp. 91-105

Lexical Behaviour in Academic and Technical Corpora: Implications for ESP Development
Alejandro Curado Fuentes
University of Extremadura, Spain
pp. 106-129

Teaching German Modal Particles: A Corpus-Based Approach
Martina Mollering
Macquarie University, Sydney
pp. 130-151

The Emergence of Texture: An Analysis of the Functions of the Nominal Demonstratives in an English Interlanguage Corpus
Terry Murphy
Yonsei University, Seoul
pp. 152-173

Exploring Parallel Concordancing in English and Chinese
Wang Lixun
The Open University of Hong Kong
pp. 174-184

A Case for Using a Parallel Corpus and Concordancer for Beginners of a Foreign Language
Elke St.John
University of Sheffield, UK
pp. 185-203

Call for Papers

Theme: Distance Learning

Corpora Research Bibliography

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