Language Learning & Technology
Vol. 5, No. 2, May 2001, pp. 1

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This is a special issue of Language Learning & Technology on computer-assisted language testing. Irene Thompson has written an introduction to this issue.

We have several important personnel changes to announce. Dr. Thompson is stepping down as a General Editor of the journal and instead becoming an Associate Editor. We thank Dr. Thompson for her three years of service as a General Editor, and we're grateful that she will continue to offer her expertise as an Associate Editor. Richard Kern of the University of California, Berkeley, is joining the staff as an Associate Editor. Dr. Kern has been on the editorial board of the journal since it was founded and previously guest edited a well-received special issue on literacies and technologies. Finally, Pam DaGrossa, who has served as Editorial Assistant for the last two years will now become Managing Editor. The journal has benefited greatly from Ms. DaGrossa's editorial and managerial expertise, and we are grateful that she will now be making an even more substantial contribution. An updated listing of the staff is available on the journal masthead.

Most of the work on the journal is done by volunteers and this is an excellent time to thank all of those who have contributed, including not only those listed above, but the remaining staff, advisory board, editorial board, reviewers, and contributors. It is the work of all these people who have made the journal so successful.

Please take a moment to subscribe to the journal if you have not yet done so. Your subscriptions help us demonstrate to our funders the broad readership and influence of our publication.

Finally, we're happy to announce an upcoming special issue on Telecollaboration, to be edited by Julie Belz of Pennsylvania State University. We look forward to your contributions to that issue.

Mark Warschauer & Dorothy Chun,

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