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From the Editors
Welcome to LLT
by Dorothy Chun, Irene Thompson,
& Mark Warschauer
p. 1-3

On the Net
Sites for Soar(ing) Eyes
by Jean W. LeLoup & Robert Ponterio
pp. 4-10

Emerging Technologies
Accessibility and Web Design,
Why Does It Matter?

by Bob Godwin-Jones
pp. 11-19

News from Sponsoring Organizations
pp. 20-31

Edited by Jennifer Leeman

The Internet
Scott Windeatt, David Hardisty, & David Eastment
Reviewed by Peter Lafford

pp. 32-36

Real English
The Marzio School and Ipse Communication
Reviewed by Tomoaki Tatsumi

pp. 37-45

Lab Management Software for the Mac
Reviewed by Mark Peterson

pp. 46-54


Volume 5, Number 1
January 2001

Feature Articles

Giving a Virtual Voice to the Silent Language of Culture: The Cultura Project
Gilberte Furstenberg
Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Sabine Levet
Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Kathryn English
Université de Paris II, Panthéon-Assas
Katherine Maillet
Institut National des Télécommunications
pp. 55-102

Exchanging Ideas with Peers in Network-Based Classrooms: An Aid or a Pain?
Sima Sengupta
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
pp. 103-134

E-mail and Word Processing in the ESL Classroom: How the Medium Affects the Message
Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas
American University
Donald Weasenforth
The George Washington University
pp. 135-165

Can Software Support Children's Vocabulary Development?
Julie Wood
Harvard University
pp. 166-201

The Effect of Multimedia Annotation Modes on L2 Vocabulary Acquisition: A Comparative Study
Khalid Al Seghayer
University of Pittsburgh
pp. 202-232

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