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From the Editors
Welcome to LLT
by Mark Warschauer, Irene Thompson, & Dorothy Chun
p. 1

From the Guest Editor
Introducing This Issue
by Rick Kern
pp. 2-4

On the Net
Literacy: Reading on the Net
by Jean W. LeLoup & Robert Ponterio
pp. 5-10

Emerging Technologies
Literacies and Technology Tools/Trends
by Bob Godwin-Jones
pp. 11-18

News from Sponsoring Organizations
pp. 19-26

Edited by Jennifer Leeman

Call: Media, Design, & Applications
Keith Cameron (Ed.)
Reviewed by Mike Ledgerwood

pp. 27-30

Virtual ConversationsTM Language Programs: Roberto's Restaurant CD-ROM
Interactive Drama, Inc., Publishers
Reviewed by Robert Blake

pp. 31-36

Easy Writer
Jane Boris
Reviewed by Pamela Couch

pp. 37-42


Volume 4, Number 2
September 2000

Special Issue
Literacies and Technologies

Feature Articles

Changing technologies, changing literacy communities?
Denise E. Murray
Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
pp. 43-58

Hypermedia, internet communication, and the challenge of redefining literacy in the electronic age
Cameron Richards
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
pp. 59-77

Authenticity and authorship in the computer-mediated acquisition of L2 literacy
Claire Kramsch
University of California, Berkeley
Francine A'Ness
Dartmouth College
Wan Shun Eva Lam
University of California, Berkeley
pp. 78-104

New technologies, new literacies: Focus discipline research and ESL learning communities
Loretta Kasper
Kingsborough Community College

pp. 105-128

The role of tasks in promoting intercultural
learning in electronic learning networks

Andreas Müller-Hartmann
University of Giessen, Germany

pp. 129-147

Call for Papers
Theme: Technology and Teacher Education

Acknowledgement of LLT Reviewers, Volume 4

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