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From the Editors
Introducing This Issue
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by Mark Warschauer, Irene Thompson, and Dorothy Chun
p. 1

On the Net
A Starting Point for Classical Studies: The Perseus Project
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by Jean W. LeLoup & Robert Ponterio
pp. 2-5

Emerging Technologies
Web Browser Trends and Technologies
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by Bob Godwin-Jones
pp. 6-11


News from Sponsoring Organizations
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pp. 12-17

Edited by Jennifer Leeman

Teaching and Learning at a Distance: Foundations of Distance Education
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M. Simonson, S. Smaldino, M. Albright, & S. Zvacek
Reviewed by Joy Egbert

pp. 18 - 21

Language Teaching and Language Technology
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Sake Jager, John A. Nerbonne, A. J. van Essen (Eds.)
Reviewed by Rafael Salaberry
pp. 22-25

Conexiones: Interactive CD-ROM
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Michael Fast
Reviewed by Karina Collentine
pp. 26-31

Dans un quartier de Paris
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Gilberte Furstenberg
Reviewed by Lara Lomicka and Hélène Gresso
pp. 33-41
  Volume 4, Number 1
May 2000
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Special Issue
The Role of Computer Technology in Second Language Acquisition Research (Part 2)

Feature Articles

Methodological issues in research on learner-computer interactions in CALL Click here to view PDF!
Volker Hegelheimer & Carol A. Chapelle
Iowa State University
pp. 41-59

Computer assisted second language vocabulary acquisition Click here to view PDF!
Peter J. M. Groot
Utrecht University
pp. 60-81

Discourse functions and syntactic complexity in synchronous and asyncronous communication Click here to view PDF!
Susana M. Sotillo
Montclair State University

pp. 82-119

Computer mediated communication: A window on L2 Spanish interlanguage Click here to view PDF!
Robert Blake
University of California, Davis
pp. 120-136

Call for Papers:

Theme: Technology and Indigenous Languages
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