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Sponsors, Board, Editors, and Designers
Volume 2, Number 1

Sponsoring Organizations

University of Hawai'i National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC)
Michigan State University Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR)


Apprentissage des Langues et Systèmes d'Information et de Communication (ALSIC)
Australian Technology Enhanced Language Learning Consortium (ATELL)
Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota (CARLA)
Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO)
European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL)
International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALL)

Advisory and Editorial Boards

Advisory Board

Susan Gass Michigan State University
Richard Schmidt University of Hawai'i
Editorial Board
David Bickerton University of Plymouth
Diane Birckbichler Ohio State University
Robert Bley-Vroman University of Hawai'i
Anna Uhl Chamot The George Washington University
Thierry Chanier Université de Franche-Comte
Carol Chapelle Iowa State University
Dorothy Chun University of California, Santa Barbara
Martha E. Crosby University of Hawai'i
Jim Cummins Ont. Inst.for Studies in Ed.
Graham Davies Thames Valley University
Robert Debski University of Melbourne
Otmar Foelsche Dartmouth College
Nina Garrett Wesleyan University
Robert Godwin-Jones Virginia Commonwealth University
Lucinda Hart-González University of Maryland University College
Kazumi Hatasa Purdue University
Debra Hoven University of Queensland
Joan Jamieson Northern Arizona University
Richard Kern University of Cal., Berkeley
Mary Ann Lyman-Hager National Language Resource Center - San Diego State University
Carla Meskill SUNY-Albany
Denise Murray San Jose State University
Noriko Nagata University of San Francisco
Patricia Paulsell Michigan State University
Joy Kreeft Peyton Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC
Jenise Rowekamp University of Minnesota
Rafael Salaberry Penn State University
Larry Selinker University of London
Maggie Sokolik University of Cal., Berkeley
Ted Yao University of Hawai'i
Yong Zhao Michigan State University

Editorial Staff

Editors Mark Warschauer University of Hawai'i
  Lucinda Hart-Gonzalez University of Maryland
Web Production Editor Dennie Hoopingarner Michigan State University
Editorial Assistant Chad Green University of Hawai'i
  Eric Hauser University of Hawai'i
  Phil Roe University of Hawai'i
  Devon Thagard University of Hawai'i
Book and Software Review Editors Alison Mackey Georgetown University
India Plough Michigan State University
On the Net Editors Jean LeLoup SUNY at Cortland
Robert Ponterio SUNY at Cortland
Emerging Technologies Editor Robert Godwin-Jones Virginia Commonwealth University
Copy Editors Tony Donnes University of Hawai`I
  Marshall Humphries University of Hawai'i
  Garret Myers University of Hawai'i
  Daniel Park Michigan State University
  Greg Sanders University of Hawai`i
  Maria Jose Alvarez-Torres Michigan State University


Outgoing Editorial Staff

Book and Software Review Editors Gary Jahn University of Minnesota
  Louis Janus University of Minnesota
  Jenise Rowekamp University of Minnesota

Original Design Team

Claire Bradin Michigan State University
Roy Bowers    
Jack Burston Monash University
Robert Godwin-Jones Virgina Commonwealth University
Deborah Masterson University of Hawai'i
Thomas N. Robb Kyoto Sangyo University
Ken Schwartz University of Hawai'i

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