Language Learning & Technology vol1num1 1997


From the Editor
Welcome to LLT
by Mark Warschauer

On the Net
Language Education and Learning Disabilities
by Jean W. LeLoup & Robert Ponterio

Emerging Technologies
Real-time Audio and Video Playback on the Web
by Bob Godwin-Jones

News from Sponsoring Organizations

Edited by Louis Janus, Jenise Rowekamp, & Gary Jahn

Book Reviews
HAL's Legacy: 2001's Computer as Dream and Reality
by David Stork (Ed.)
Reviewed by Philip Hubbard

The Power of CALL
by Martha Pennington (Ed.)
Reviewed by Charles Kisner

Software Review
Star Festival
Botticelli Interactive
Reviewed by Tomo Yanagimachi

Volume 1, Number 1
July 1997

Special Issue
Language Learning and Technology: Defining the Research Agenda

Feature Articles:

CALL in the Year 2000: Still in Search of Research Paradigms?
by Carol Chapelle

Computers in Language Testing: Present Research and Some Future Directions
by James Dean Brown

Research on Text Comprehension in Multimedia Environments
by Dorothy M. Chun & Jan L. Plass

Processes and Outcomes in Networked Classroom Interaction: Defining the Research Agenda for L2 Computer-Assisted Classroom Discussion
by Lourdes Ortega

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