Volume 14 Number 1
February 2010 Click here for the pdf.


Corpus-Assisted Creative Writing: Introducing Intermediate Italian Learners to a Corpus as a Reference Resource
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Claire Kennedy and Tiziana Miceli
Griffith University
pp. 28–44

Using Synchronous Online Peer Response Groups in EFL Writing: Revision-Related Discourse
Abstract | Article PDF
Mei-Ya Liang
National Central University
pp. 45–64

The Effects of Captioning Videos Used for Foreign Language Listening Activities
Abstract | Article PDF
Paula Winke, Susan Gass, and Tetyana Sydorenko
Michigan State University
pp. 65–86

Call for Papers – Learner Autonomy
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p. 87

Reviewer Acknowledgments
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p. 88

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From the Editors
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by Dorothy Chun & Irene Thompson
p. 1–2

Invited Commentary
New Tools for Teaching Writing
Article PDF
by Mark Warschauer
pp. 3–8

Emerging Technologies
New Developments in Web Browsing and Authoring
Article PDF
by Robert Godwin-Jones
pp. 9–15

News from Sponsoring Organizations
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pp. 16–19


Edited by Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas

Second Language Teaching and Learning in the Net Generation
Raquel Oxford and Jeffrey Oxford (Eds.)
Article PDF
Reviewed by Ulugbek Nurmukhamedov
pp. 20–23

The Theory and Practice of Online Learning
Terry Anderson (Ed.)
Article PDF
Reviewed by Mandy Reinig
pp. 24–27

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