Volume 13 Number 3
October 2009 Click here for the pdf.
Special Issue on Technology and Learning Pronunciation


Promoting Increased Pitch Variation in Oral Presentations with Transient Visual Feedback
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Rebecca Hincks & Jens Edlund
The Royal Institute of Technology
pp. 32–50

The Effects of Computer-assisted Pronunciation Readings on ESL Learners’ Use of Pausing, Stress, Intonation, and Overall Comprehensibility
Abstract | Article PDF
Mark Tanner and Melissa Landon
Brigham Young University
pp. 51–65

Podcasting: An Effective Tool for Honing Language Students’ Pronunciation?
Abstract | Article PDF
Lara Ducate and Lara Lomicka
The University of South Carolina
pp. 66–86

Comprehensibility and Prosody Ratings for Pronunciation Software Development
Abstract | Article PDF
Paul Warren, Irina Elgort, and David Crabbe
Victoria University of Wellington
pp. 87–102

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From the Editors
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by Dorothy Chun & Irene Thompson
p. 1

From the Special Issue Editor
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by Debra Hardison
pp. 2–3

Emerging Technologies
Speech Tools and Technologies
Article PDF
by Robert Godwin-Jones
pp. 4–11

News from Sponsoring Organizations
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pp. 12–15


Edited by Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas

Multimedia Learning Suite: Chinese Characters
Article PDF
Reviewed by Ching-Ni Hsieh and Fei Fei
pp. 16–25

Academic Interactions: Communicating on Campus
Christine B. Feak, Susan M. Reinhart, and Theresa N. Rohlck
Article PDF
Reviewed by Heather Weger
pp. 26–31

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