Language Learning & Technology
Vol 11, No. 3, October 2007, p. 1

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We hope you have had a productive and rejuvenating summer. Our journal received 49 submissions this summer! This kept us all very busy. We are delighted to present Volume 11, Number 3 of Language Learning & Technology, which is a special issue on "Technology and Learning to Read," guest edited by Marlise Horst. Together with our former Associate Editor, Batia Laufer, Marlise has done a superb job of assembling five articles that report on the latest research in how technology can be helpful for vocabulary acquisition during the reading process and how it can facilitate interactive reading tasks.

In addition to the five articles, this issue contains our regular columns, "Emerging Technologies" and "On the Net." In the "Emerging Technologies" column, Bob Godwin-Jones provides an excellent discussion of the new technologies available for accessing and experiencing electronic texts, which go beyond simply providing static Web pages and invite readers to participate actively by commenting, collaborating, and critiquing what they read. In the "On the Net column," Jean LeLoup and Robert Ponterio introduce the LiTgloss project being developed at the University of Buffalo, which seeks to enable language learners to access literary works in their original form by providing contextual information and lexical annotations.

The issue also includes two reviews, compiled and edited by Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas. Justin Olmanson reviews the eSpindle Vocabulary and Spelling Program Online, a tool for spelling practice and vocabulary learning for L1 and L2 English language learners, ages 7 to adult. Catherine Caws reviews the CD-ROM Le Chandail de Hockey (The Hockey Sweater), which contains an animated film and components allowing learners to interact with a well known piece of French Canadian literature and to learn more about the story and its cultural contexts.

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We wish you all the best for the new academic year!


Dorothy Chun and Irene Thompson,

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