CALL for Papers: Action Research Column

Editor: Greg Kessler

Action-Research (AR) is a research methodology, which leads first to the understanding of the causes of a certain situation and then to producing change in it. Its focus is in solving a problem that has been identified by one individual, or a group of practitioners such as a school, an institution, or an organization. AR has developed as a way to broaden people’s knowledge and understanding of their own practice and of issues that affect the productivity and/or the quality of the work they do. The findings of AR are used as additional research data or as a way of developing some kind of action—intervention—in the environment being studied.

The AR column in Language Learning & Technology serves as a forum for researchers and practitioners alike to disseminate the results of their projects and to consider the pedagogical implications of their research more closely. We strongly encourage teachers and/or teams of professionals who are addressing educational issues or challenges in their teaching environments to submit manuscripts for consideration. We are primarily interested in manuscripts that address the integration of technology and its potential in improving second/foreign language teaching and learning in a variety of contexts with different student populations. We are also interested in contributions that represent a wide spectrum of foreign languages, particularly the Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs).
To submit articles for this new column, we encourage authors to consider the following guidelines for the format of their manuscripts:

    1. Identification of Problem Area
    2. Collection and Organization of Data
    3. Interpretation of Data
    4. Action Based on Data
    5. Assessment/Reflection of the Researcher

Criteria for assessing manuscripts will include the following:

    • Adherence to principles of action research
    • Clearly articulated conceptual framework and connections to relevant literature
    • Thorough description of data collection and analysis procedures
    • Readability and originality
    • Potential implications for the second/foreign language classroom

Guidelines for Authors: 

Articles should be no longer than 5,000 words (including references but not appendices). For specific guidelines, please refer to the submissions page http://llt.msu.edu/guidelines/

For Further Information:
Please contact the column editor at kessler@ohio.edu