CALL for Papers: Language Teaching & Technology Forum

Editor: Greg Kessler

The proliferation of new technologies—tools, platforms, applications, and social media sites—has inspired language educators to leverage these new technologies in creative ways across the wide range of teaching contexts that characterize the field of language education. Sharing effective pedagogical practices has long been a hallmark of collegiality among educators, and the growth in new technologies has amplified the ability for language teachers to exchange their innovative pedagogical approaches. The Language Teaching & Technology Forum provides a space for language researchers and educators to reflect on their current pedagogical practices in greater depth than is typically possible in a standard research article. This forum invites manuscripts that provide in-depth engagement with the intersection of technology and language teaching pedagogy.
We encourage interested authors to consider the following guidelines for formatting their manuscripts:

  1. Establish the empirical or conceptual framework for using the targeted technologies.
  2. Describe the instructional context, pedagogical objectives, and technological tools.
  3. Provide details of how the technology was integrated: which tools or approaches were used, how procedures were implemented, and how assessment or feedback was utilized.
  4. Comment on the challenges encountered and on the suggestions for additional integration.

Criteria for Submission

  • Make a clear contribution to language and culture teaching and learning goals
  • Create relevant connections to a clearly defined empirical or conceptual framework
  • Provide a thorough description of the technologies used, and when possible, include suggestions for similar technologies
  • Offer clear and elaborated implications for second and/or foreign language teaching in formal, informal, or hybrid teaching contexts

Guidelines for Authors

Articles should be no longer than 5,000 words (including references but not appendices). For specific guidelines, please refer to the LLT submission guidelines.

For Further Information

Please contact the column editor at kessler@ohio.edu