Volume 21 Number 3 (October 2017) Special Issue on Corpora in Language Learning and Teaching
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Corpora in Language Learning and Teaching

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Nina Vyatkina, University of Kansas
Alex Boulton, University of Lorraine

pp. 1–8


The Effect of Corpus-Based Instruction on Pragmatic Routines
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Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig, Indiana University
Sabrina Mossman, Indiana University
Yunwen Su, Indiana University

pp. 76–103

Effects of DDL Technology on Genre Learning
Abstract | Article PDF
Elena Cotos, Iowa State University
Stephanie Link, Oklahoma State University
Sarah Huffman, Iowa State University

pp. 104–130

Enhancing Extensive Reading with Data-Driven Learning
Abstract | Article PDF
Gregory Hadley, Niigata University
Maggie Charles, Oxford University Language Centre

pp. 131–152

Using Corpora to Develop Learners’ Collocational Competence

Abstract | Article PDF
Shuangling Li, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
pp. 153–171

Teaching Google Search Techniques in an L2 Academic Writing Context
Abstract | Article PDF
Sumi Han, Hallym University
Jeong-Ah Shin, Dongguk University

pp. 172–194

Effects of Corpus-Based Instruction on Phraseology in Learner English
Abstract | Article PDF
Katherine Ackerley, University of Padova
pp. 195–216

Training Teachers in Data-Driven Learning: Tackling the Challenge
Abstract | Article PDF
Agnieszka Leńko-Szymańska, University of Warsaw
pp. 217–241

Announcements & Call for Papers

News from Our Sponsoring Organizations
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pp. 59–62

Call for Papers
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pp. 242–244



Emerging Technologies
Edited by Robert Godwin-Jones

Data-Informed Language Learning
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Robert Godwin-Jones
pp. 9–27

Language Teaching and Technology Forum
Edited by Greg Kessler

Task-Based Language Teaching Online: A Guide for Teachers
Abstract | Article PDF
Melissa Baralt, Florida International University
José Morcillo Gómez, Florida International University and Qingdao University

pp. 28–43

Making It Personal: Performance-Based Assessments, Ubiquitous Technology, and Advanced Learners

Abstract | Article PDF
Kelly Arispe, Boise State University
Jack Burston, Cyprus University of Technology

pp. 44–58

Edited by Jonathon Reinhardt

Blended Language Program Evaluation
Gruba, P., Cárdenas-Claros, M., Suvorov, R., & Rick, K.
Article PDF
Review by Senta Goertler
pp. 63–66

Technology-Enhanced Language Learning for Specialized Domains: Practical Applications and Mobility
Martín-Monje, E., Elorza, I., & Riaza, B. G. (Eds.)
Article PDF
Review by Kimberly Becker and Phuong Nguyen
pp. 67–71

Language-Learner Computer Interactions: Theory, Methodology, and CALL Applications

Caws, C., Hamel, M.-J. (Eds.)
Article PDF
Review by Jooyoung Lee
pp. 72–75