Volume 16 Number 2

Caught in the Web: Overcoming and Reproducing Hegemony in Azerbaijan
Cara Preuss, Independent Scholar
Carolyn Morway, Epic

This paper explores university student access to and use of technology in Azerbaijan in the context of hegemony in computer-assisted language learning (CALL). Due to perceptions of a lack of technology access in the university context, the instructors in this study did not initially pursue a CALL agenda. Based on data sources that included a questionnaire, photographs, documents, journals, and interviews, the results of the study indicated that despite instructor perceptions, many students used and had access to various forms of technology on a regular basis. For example, students used computers and mobile devices to pursue different kinds of knowledge outside of the university. Implications include the importance of the deconstruction of instructor assumptions so that they can be critical educators and make choices that can lead to social change.
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