Volume 20 Number 1 (February 2016)
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Becoming Little Scientists: Technologically-Enhanced Project-Based Language Learning
Abstract | Article PDF
Melinda Dooly, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Randall Sadler, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
pp. 54–78

Effects of Web-Based Collaborative Writing on Individual L2 Writing Development
Abstract | Article PDF
Dawn Bikowski, Ohio University
Ramyadarshanie Vithanage, Ohio University
pp. 79–99

Type and Amount of Input-Based Practice in CALI: The Revelations of a Triangulated Research Design
Abstract | Article PDF
Luis Cerezo, American University
pp. 100–123

Language Learning Through Social Networks: Perceptions and Reality
Abstract | Article PDF
Chin-Hsi Lin, Michigan State University
Mark Warschauer, University of California, Irvine
Robert Blake, University of California, Davis
pp. 124–147

The Effects of Item Preview on Video-Based Multiple-Choice Listening Assessments
Abstract | Article PDF
Dennis Koyama, New York University
Angela Sun, Stanford University
Gary J. Ockey, Iowa State University
pp. 148–165

Twitter-Based EFL Pronunciation Instruction
Abstract | Article PDF
José Antonio Mompean, University of Murcia
Jonás Fouz-González, UCAM University
pp. 166–190

Learning to Express Gratitude in Mandarin Chinese Through Web-Based Instruction
Abstract | Article PDF
Li Yang, Kansas State University
pp. 191–208

Concordancers and Dictionaries as Problem-Solving Tools for ESL Academic Writing
Abstract | Article PDF
Choongil Yoon, Ewha Womans University
pp. 209–229

News From Sponsoring Organizations
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pp. 34-37

Call for Papers
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p. 230

2015 Reviewer Acknowledgements
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p. 231-232


Emerging Technologies
Edited by Robert Godwin-Jones

Integrating Technology into Study Abroad
Article PDF
by Robert Godwin-Jones
pp. 1–20

Action Research
Edited by Greg Kessler

Irish in a 3D World: Engaging Primary School Children
Article PDF
by Gene Dalton & Ann Devitt
pp. 21–33

Edited by Paige Ware

Inclusive Education and Digital Technologies
Vilar Beltrán, E., Abbott, C., & Jones, J. (Eds.)
Article PDF
Review by Dustin Crowther
pp. 38–41

Multiple Affordances of Language Corpora for Data-driven Learning
Leńko-Szymańska, A., & Boulton, A. (Eds.)
Article PDF
Review by Hyung-Jo Yoon & Jungmin Lim
pp. 42–45

Language Learning with Digital Video
Goldstein, B., & Driver, P.
Article PDF
Review by Zachary Miller & Jeffrey Maloney
pp. 46–49

Researching Language Learner Interactions Online: From Social Media to MOOCs
Dixon, E., & Thomas, M. (Eds.)
Article PDF
Review by Elena Martín-Monje
pp. 50–53