Volume 19 Number 1

Exploring EFL Teachers’ Knowledge and Competencies: In-service Program Perspectives
Mei-Hui Liu, Tunghai University
Robert Kleinsasser, Arizona State University

This article describes quantitative and qualitative data providing perspectives on how six English as a Foreign Language (EFL) vocational high school teachers perceived CALL knowledge and competencies in a yearlong technology-enriched professional development program. The teachers’ developing technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) and perceived computer self-efficacy are examined from their use of technology while participating in online project-based EFL instruction. Data analysis reveals these participants’ TPACK and self-efficacy of using computer technology development, their application and infusion of technology in English instruction, and factors that facilitated or hampered their (technology) professional development. Such understandings are briefly buttressed with additional perspectives from three university professionals and these teachers’ vocational high school students. The multiple perspectives and perceptions render meaning-making potential for professionals promoting and developing technology integration into EFL classrooms.

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