Volume 18 Number 1 (February 2014)
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Fostering Foreign Language Learning Through Technology-Enhanced Intercultural Projects
Abstract | Article PDF
Jen Jun Chen, National Sun Yat-sen University
Shu Ching Yang, National Sun Yat-sen University
pp. 57–75

Using Peer Computer-Mediated Corrective Feedback to Support EFL Learners' Writing
Abstract | Article PDF
Ali AbuSeileek, Al al-Bayt University
Awatif Abualsha'r, Al al-Bayt University
pp. 76–95

Direct and Indirect Access to Corpora: An Exploratory Case Study Comparing Students’ Error Correction and Learning Strategy Use in L2 Writing
Abstract | Article PDF
Hyunsook Yoon, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
JungWon Jo, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
pp. 96–117

Effects of Captioning on Video Comprehension and Incidental Vocabulary Learning
Abstract | Article PDF
Maribel Montero Perez, iMinds - ITEC KU Leuven Kulak
Elke Peters, KU Leuven Kulak
Geraldine Clarebout, KU Leuven Kulak
Piet Desmet, iMinds - ITEC KU Leuven Kulak
pp. 118–141

Ecological Affordance and Anxiety in an Oral Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Environment
Abstract | Article PDF
Levi McNeil, Sookmyung Women's University
pp. 142–159

Use of Wikis to Promote Collaborative EFL Writing
Abstract | Article PDF
Zelilha Aydin, Ozyegin University
Senem Yildiz, Bogazici University
pp. 160–180

2013 Reviewer Acknowledgements
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pp. 181-183


Emerging Technologies
Edited by Robert Godwin-Jones

Towards Transparent Computing:
Content Authoring Using Open Standards

Article PDF
by Robert Godwin-Jones
pp. 1–10

Action Research
Edited by Greg Kessler

Can a Web-Based Course Improve Communicative Competence of Foreign-born Nurses?
Article PDF
by Eileen Van Schaik, Emily Lynch, Susan Stoner, & Lorna Sikorski
pp. 11–22

Exploring How Collaborative Dialogues Facilitate Synchronous Collaborative Writing
Article PDF
by Hui-Chin Yeh
pp. 23–37

News From Sponsoring Organizations
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pp. 38–41

Edited by Paige Ware

Researching Online Foreign Language Interaction and Exchange: Theories, Methods, and Challenges
Dooly, M., & O'Dowd, R.
Article PDF
Reviewed by Linda Bradley
pp. 42–45

Language Learning with Technology: Ideas for Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Stanley, G.
Article PDF
Reviewed by Nancy Montgomery
pp. 46–48

Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture Ning, C. Y., & Montanaro, J. S.
Article PDF
Reviewed by Yaqiong Cui
pp. 49–52

Technology in Interlanguage Pragmatics Research and Teaching
Naoko, T., & Sykes, J.
Article PDF
Reviewed by Feng Xiao
pp. 53–56