Volume 16 Number 1 (February 2012)
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Blogging to Learn: Becoming EFL Academic Writers Through Collaborative Dialogues
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Yu-Chih Sun, National Chiao Tung University
Yu-jung Chang, National Tsing Hua University
pp. 43–61

The Types and Effects of Peer Native Speakers’ Feedback on CMC
Abstract | Article PDF
María Belén Díez-Bedmar,University of Jaen
Pascual Pérez-Paredes, University of Murcia
pp. 62–90

Collaborative Writing among Second Language Learners in Academic Web-Based Projects
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Greg Kessler, Dawn Bikowski, & Jordan Boggs, Ohio University
pp. 91–109

Effects on Learning Logographic Character Formation in Computer-Assisted Handwriting Instruction
Abstract | Article PDF
Chen-hui Tsai,University of California, Berkeley
Chin-Hwa Kuo, Tamkang University
Wen-Bing Horng, Tamkang University
Chun-Wen Chen, Taipei National University of the Arts
pp. 110–130



Emerging Technologies
Digital Video Revisted: Storytelling, Conferencing, Remixing

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by Robert Godwin-Jones
pp. 1-9

Action Research
Edited by Philip Hubbard

Fostering Computer-Mediated L2 Interaction Beyond the Classroom
Article PDF
by Keith Barrs
pp. 10–25

News From Sponsoring Organizations
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pp. 26-29

Edited by Paige Ware

Language and Learning in the Digital Age
James Paul Gee & Elisabeth R. Hayes
Article PDF
Reviewed by Paul Rama
pp. 30–33

Technology-Mediated Learning Environments for Young English Learners
L. Leann Parker (Ed.)
Article PDF
Reviewed by Brenna Rivas
pp. 34–38

Teaching and Researching Computer-Assisted Language Learning (2nd Edition)
Ken Beatty
Article PDF
Reviewed by Sarah E. Springer
pp. 39–42