LLT Archives - By Special Issue

Special Issues Published to Date

Language Learning and Technology: Defining the Research Agenda (V1N1, July 1997)

The Design and Evaluation of Multimedia Software (V2N1, July 1998)

The Role of Computer Technology in Second Language Acquisition Research (V3N2, January 2000)

The Role of Computer Technology in Second Language Acquisition Research (Part 2; V4N1, May 2000)

Literacies and Technologies (V4N2, September 2000)

Computer-Assisted Language Testing (V5N2, May 2001)

Using Corpora in Language Teaching and Learning (V5N3, September 2001)

Technology and Indigenous Languages (V6N2, May 2002)

Technology and Teacher Education (V6N3, September 2002)

Telecollaboration (V7N2, May 2003)

Distance Learning (V7N3, September 2003)

Global English(es) (V8N3, September 2004)

Technology and Young Learners(V9N1, January 2005)

Technology and Oral Language Development (V9N3, September 2005)

Electronic Literacies (V10N2, May 2006)

Technology and Listening Comprehension (V11N1, February 2007)

Technology and Learning to Read (V11N3, October 2007)

Technology and Learning to Write (V12N2, June 2008)

Technology and Learning Grammar (V13N1, February 2009)

Technology and Learning Pronunciation (V13N3, October 2009)

Technology and Learning Vocabulary (V14N2, June 2010)

Multilateral Online Exchanges for Language and Culture Learning (V15N1, February 2011)

Learner Autonomy and New Learning Environments (V15N3, October 2011)

Technology and Less Commonly Taught Languages (V17N1, February 2013)

Mobile Language Learning (V17N3, October 2013)

Game-informed L2 Teaching & Learning (V18N2, June 2014)

Teacher Training and CALL (V19N1, February 2015)

Digital Literacies and Language Learning (V19N3, October 2015)

20th Anniversary Issue (V20N2, June 2016)

Methodological Innovations in CALL& its role in SLA (V21N1, February 2017)

Corpora in Language Learning & Teaching(V21N3, October 2017)

Upcoming Special Issues

  • June 2018, Volume 22, No. 2 Special Issue: Qualitative Research in CALL
  • February 2019, Volume 23, No. 1 Special Issue: CALL in the Digital Wilds
  • October 2019, Volume 23, No. 3 Special Issue: Telecollaboration
  • June 2020, Volume 24, No. 2 Special Issue: L2 Pragmatics