LLT Archives - Action Research Columns

Baralt Melissa, Susan Pennestri, & Marie Selvandin "Using Wordles to Teach Foreign Language Writing" (V15N2)

Barrs, Keith "Fostering Computer-Mediated L2 Interaction Beyond the Classroom" (V16N1)

Castellano, Joachim, Jo Mynard, & Troy Rubesch  "Student Technology Use in a Self-Access Center" (V15N3)

Chen, Xiao-Bin, "Tablets for Informal Language Learning: Student Usage and Attitudes" (V17N1)

Dalton, Gene & Ann Devitt “Irish in a 3D World: Engaging Primary School Children” (V20N1)

DelliCarpini, Margo "Building Computer Skills in TESOL Teacher Education" (V16N2)

Huang, Shin-ying, "The Intersection of Multimodality and Critical Perspective: Multimodality as Subversion" (V19N3)

Jin, Seunghee "Using Facebook to Promote Korean EFL Learners’ Intercultural Competence" (V19N3)

Lan, Yu-Ju, Yao-Ting Sung, & Kuo-En Chang  "From Particular to Popular: Facilitating EFL Mobile-Supported Cooperative Reading" (V17N3)

Lan, Yu-Ju, " Contextual EFL Learning in a 3D Virtual Environment" (V19N2)

Lawley, Jim, "New Software to Help EFL Students Self-Correct their Writing" (V19N1)

Rubrico, Jessie Grace U. & Fatima Hashim, " Facebook-Photovoice Interface: Empowering Non-Native Pre-Service English Language Teachers" (V18N3)

Teo,  Adeline "Promoting EFL Students’ Inferential Reading Skills through Computerized Dynamic Assessment" (V16N3)

Van Schaik, Eileen, Emily Lynch, Susan Stoner, & Lorna Sikorski  "Can a Web-Based Course Improve Communicative Competence of Foreign-born Nurses?" (V17N3)

Wach, Alesksandra "Promoting Pre-Service Teachers’ Reflections through a Cross-Cultural Keypal Project" (V19N1)

Yang, Chunsheng & Ying Xie "Learning Chinese Idioms through iPads" (V17N2)

Yeh, Hui-Chin "Exploring How Collaborative Dialogues Facilitate Synchronous Collaborative Writing" (V18N1)